About TrulyCode

Howdy – I am Alex – the guy behind Truly Code – I currently am the Head of IT for a private group of companies, based in South Wales, UK.

I launched TrulyCode in the summer of 2013, mainly as a way of bunching together the tips and bits of code I find useful in my everyday role as a Head of IT / Web Developer[/Designer].

I believe strongly in the open web, and love clean coding, simple design patterns and well though out web development. The web is communal and I believe it to be one of the most powerful entities humans have.

On TrulyCode you will find an array of blog posts and resources, such as: Web Design / Development Tutorial Videos, Web Development Downloads, along with Lists of helpful web codes. And general tips for: CSS, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript (inc. jQuery), mySQL.

If you have any ideas/thoughts, share them; either through a comment, the contact form or via twitter: @trulycode / @mrwigster