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If you haven’t tried Sass yet, do so now! – Sass Website If you have tried it, then I’m sure you know how amazing it is. However the one annoyance I’ve always found is the moderate distraction it causes to setup when you’re creating a development environment. You either...

OSX Yosemite Background

(Hit me up on Twitter (MrWigster) if you appreciate the crazy bandwidth usage I’m sustaining for this Hi-Res image!) Full size here:

Photoshop Chrome Browser Template

This is the basic Chrome browser template I use for mocking up basic websites, to get a feel for how they sit in a standard desktop Chrome browser.

Show Hide Hidden Files

As a web dev/designer you may often come across files that your Mac will treat as files to hide, one example being the .htaccess file. I created this app as a simple, one click solution, to enable showing all hidden files. Clicking it again will hide them once more,...

SCSS Batch Renamer

I made this little app, mainly for myself, but now sharing, as I believe it is the easiest way to convert your old plain CSS projects into Object Orientated/SCSS projects, simply select the CSS files you want to use as imports within your master global.scss (or similar) and drag...